Kalamata - Oliven Whole, Anise Marinated

Kalamata - Oliven Whole
Anise Marinated

Kalamata olive, one of the best table varieties, «married» with a special spice and pure organic virgin olive oil. Unique quality, supreme nutritional value. Tasty combination rich in nutritional ingredients and beneficial properties. Olives and olive oil contain the fat soluble vitamins A, and E, and vitamins D and K. Vitamin E exerts mild anti-inflammatory activity. They have plenty of anti-oxidants that reduce cell destruction risk. Polyphenols contained in olives act against cancer and also possess important anti-inflammatory properties. It is considered the fruit with the most metallic salts, rich in basic amino acids, rich in unsaturated basic fatty acids omega-9 and calcium.
Aniseed improves digestion and acts beneficially on the liver and circulatory system. It is a sufficient means against abdominal and intestinal colics. One product - one complete meal.
Finally, olive oil of such quality is a pity to remain in its package. Give flavor to your salads with it, or add it when preparing your meals.

Product of Greece