Geschnittene  Grüne  Oliven

Geschnittene Grüne Oliven

The green olive fruit without the kernel, in slices, the easy solution in the kitchen. For pizzas, sauces, sandwiches. It pairs with all meats and fish, and gives a unique flavor and originality to the meal.
It is a tasty fruit also rich in nutritional ingredients. Necessary element of mediterranean diet. Olives contain monounsaturated fatty acids, whose consumption, especially when they substitute saturated fatty acids in diet, is associated with a reduced risk of atherosclerosis. They contain Vitamin A, a vital ingredient that helps maintain healthy teeth, bones and skin. Vitamin K that is necessary for blood coagulation, phosphorus an important element for healthy teeth and bones, calcium important in bone structure and blood coagulation, zinc that is required for DNA and protein synthesis and contributes to the efficient function of the immune system and trauma healing.

Made in Macedonia

Product of Greece