White Fir Honey

White, Fir Honey

White Fir Honey from Mount Mainalon (or Vanilla Fir Honey) is produced in small quantities and it is peculiar and rare.
It is collected by bees which collect exclusively honeydew from black spruces and nectar from flowering plants around fir trees. The black spruce grows on the mountain areas of Mount Mainalon and Mount Parnonas in Arkadia, Peloponnese and in neighbouring areas, at an altitude of 800 m – 1300 m. The food is collected by bees since the beginning of June until the end of July.
The areas that bees visit are included in the NATURA 2000 Network, which is a network of nature protection areas in the territory of the European Union.
Its name is exclusively owed to the light and bright whitish – cream pearlescent colour with metallic hues on the inside and not to the addition of vanilla. It is characterised as the best honey produced from honeydew. It has a slight flower aroma and what distinguishes it is its wonderful flavour and special texture. It is a viscous type of honey and does not crystallise, because it has a low glucose content.
It has been recognised by the European Union as a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) honey due its uniqueness.
Its high trace elements content and its low sugar content make it a type honey with high dietary and biological value.

Product of Greece