Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 0,5%

POEM, Greek extra virgin olive oil 0,5%

Greek olive oil from the olive groves of Peloponnese. It is an excellent juice – key for our everyday diet and a basic ingredient of the Mediterranean diet. It has low acidity. It is a strong, «full», delicious olive oil with a slightly bitter flavour, characteristic of its quality. It has a golden green colour and gives out an especially fruity aroma owing to its excellent olive variety of olea europea and to the healthy and fresh fruit from which it is extracted. It is cultivated using traditional methods. The fruit is collected by hand, the olive oil is extracted exclusively mechanically, and it is bottled with extreme care; this is why the olive oil retains its nutritional and physico-chemical properties, which are tested in laboratories and certified. The product is also tested and certified for pesticide residues. Due to its excellent bottling, it remains unspoilt.
It is a perfect accompaniment for salads, excellent for marinades for vegetables and meat, ideal for cooking and healthy frying, perfect for baking, pastry making, grilling, dipping.

Product of Greece